Exploration of Complex Operations & Supply-Chain Systems

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The overwhelming majority of reasons for why things fail have nothing to do with employees. Initiatives fail because there are unidentified deficiencies in the systems and processes of an organization.

The power lies in management’s ability to identify the problems, to change the status quo, and to reform the processes & systems; not pestering individuals to do better.


Organizational Research & Analytics

Mercer & Company

The Operations & Supply Chain Management team focuses on the management of the transformation processes that create products or services. These processes are found in all organizations including profit and non-profit organizations.

These processes are found in all organizations, including profit and non-profit organizations. Conceptual, empirical, and methodological contributions are encouraged, as are cross-functional linkages and perspectives. We want to be able to cover everything along the path goods travel from suppliers to eventual consumers. We place a strong consideration on environments where there are large volumes of movement; movement of people, product, raw material, data, money or consumers. This occurs in almost any environment and any industry.

Some of the major areas of focus that we pursue include:


  • Operations strategy, 
  • Product and service development, 
  • Supply chain management, 
  • Project management, 
  • Quality management, 
  • International,
  • Human resources, 
  • Environmental, and 
  • IT issues facing operations. 

We create, develop, and execute radical & forward-thinking solutions, designed to solve some of the world's most difficult problems.

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