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Human Capital Analytics

Human Capital, your people, are a group of species. They can be studied, controlled, and valuated. Most importantly, they can be leveraged & cultivated in ways that drive performance; across entire organizations.

Employees that are leveraged the correct way: define and actualize business growth. They’re your most important asset. Human Capital is the asset that makes achievement possible; your people are your most valuable asset, it’s not even close. They have to be treated as such.


Here’s the best part, when you conceptualize employees as human capital, that shift in structure and mindset is the easiest transformation process to initiate. It’s the cheapest, and it provides the most immediate value to an organization.

-J.W. Mercer, 2016. International Conference on Human Development

Mercer & Company

We are living in a century when individuals define an organization, and actually actualize success; rather than an organization defining the individual.

That has long been the case and is still the “Traditional Worker” schema attached to the management of people that achieve success of the business.

Why it is important?

Large organizations are aligning and running their HR departments the complete opposite way they should be run; it is egregious.

Almost every organization aligns people’s capabilities with job-titles & functions. Rather. organizations need to align people’s capabilities the value they can bring and what that person’s capabilities & knowledge can solve now and into the future.

Human Capital Analytics

The problem with aligning people’s capabilities with a function or ‘job title‘ is that it provides no added value to an organization, it actually negates the value that person has.

They are only acting as a resource to a function/’job title’ that was only relevant when the job title was created within the organization, actually, aligning human capital that way is a detriment to organizational success & growth. That’s why most organizations call it human resources and not human capital, because organizations are not using their actual value.

Mercer & Company

Human capital is the number one predictor of business growth, because their value & capital influence & define the business and actualize growth.

Organizations must empower employees who want to help grow with and evolve the company in order to achieve success. It’s a complete shift in mindset from top to bottom: from HR to human capital and resources.

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