Best Consulting Companies for 2021, 2022, 2023, and 2024

Best Consulting Companies for
2021. 2022, 2023, and 2024

Recognized as a Top Ten Consulting Firm for:

– Organizational Effectiveness & Performance

 Organizational Development

– Organizational Change & Transformation

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Mercer & Company is a strategy, innovation, and research driven management consultancy. With a relentless focus on exceeding expectations, and making prodigious change in the world.

“Our goal is not to just execute organizational transformation that changes things…”

“…Our goal is to execute effective, insightful, and meaningful transformation that changes the course of human history.”


We create, develop, and execute radical solutions to solve some of the world's most difficult problems.

We elevate insights, and deliver transformation solutions designed to improve performance & effectiveness, across entire enterprises. Systematically re-thinking about how organizations operate, and enabling people to be catalysts for transformation, development, and change.

A Cutting-Edge Management Consultancy, with Core Areas-of-Expertise in: Organizational Performance & Effectiveness, Transformation, and Sustainability.

We do not hide from the future, we will define it.


Mercer & Company takes organizations and helps transform them into relevant, agile, and highly productive companies that want to outperform the competition, and disrupt the status quo. 

We’re not your average management consulting firm, nor do we have any desire to be “average”; that’s not in our vocabulary. We innovate to find better ways of doing things, and we believe that more innovative ways of thinking, lead to even better versions of work, production, and quality-of-life. For companies, and their people.

Disrupting the Status Quo

We are a company that is brazen in our desire to solve the most complex problems that the world has to offer.

We are leading experts in organizational effectiveness, efficiency, & human behavior. Thriving in the environments that are highly complex, in a rapidly changing world.

Research & Analytics

The execution of elite-level organizational research and analytics aimed at the discovery of pragmatic causal inference...

Organizational Change & Transformation

The execution & management of organizational change and transformation efforts...

Strategy & Performance

The execution and shifting of levers that are embedded within organizations to harness the potential that exists...

Average Days Ahead of Schedule
1 Year- Average Net Revenue ROI for our clients (%)
Organizational Transformations Completed


Mercer & Company’s diverse portfolio of capabilities & solutions are all built on a foundation of expertise in the areas of Research & Analytics, Business Strategy, Transformation, Efficiency, Human Behavior, Organizational Effectiveness, and Leadership.

World-Class solutions are not “one-size fits all” nor are they “what worked for someone else”. They need to be solutions that encompass the variety of contexts present in every single organization in the world in order for them to exceed your expectations.


Over a decade ago we began to see how important the concept of ‘true-sustainability’ was, and we knew that an innovative, forward-thinking, and data- & evidence-driven approach was desperately needed. So we developed one...

To successfully venture through the transformation process for true-sustainability requires a calculated design strategy, managing process re-engineering, and transformation & development process that is entirely customized based on the organization. Solutions that are reverse-engineered from the ground-up using a scale-able driven design process.

We Love our Customers & Partners

We put a high premium on outcomes, independent of the company or industry, because outcomes are the underlying mechanism of success.


Customer Insights

“We initially hired Mercer to run all of our organizational effectiveness initiatives. When we saw the things that were happening, we let them loose.”
Jeffery Sendler
“I used to think that quantitative research was the only way to do things, but when I saw what mixing research methods could do, and did do for our company, I’ve changed the way I think about the world.”
Diane Thompson, MD
“I’ve read 8 books on organizational effectiveness and what blew me away is that I learned more in one day with Mr. Mercer and his team, than all of those books combined.”

Jay Daughtry

We create, develop, and execute radical & forward-thinking solutions, designed to solve some of the world's most difficult problems.

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