Innovation in Human & Societal Behavioral Change

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Human Behavioral Change Economics ® (HBCE) is a multi-methodological intensive approach to understanding the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, cultural, attention-demanding, and social factors on the subsequent decisions of individuals, organizations, and Societies.

The outputs inform how we can strategically design, change, alter, and/or interventions at the structural, social, individual, or institutionalized levels. We invented the field.

One thing that we have discovered is that there is a missing element in driving sustainable change on a large scale in the model; that for development to be actualized, interventions must account for the barriers to sustainability at the institutionalized levels. The institutionalized levels represent those barriers to sustainability or change due to the heuristics (at the individual or group level), that are embedded throughout organizations, cultures, society, etc., that prevent individuals from adopting an innovation or new way of doing things.


Human Behavioral Change Economics operates under the assumption that well design mixed methodological research & analytics is encompasses the entire range of analytics that leads to an innate understanding of processes, messages, interventions, and eventual human behavioral outcomes that facilitate both consumer behavior, and employee behavior.

Mercer & Company

It’s a multi-methodological research intensive approach to understanding the effects of psychological, cognitive, emotional, and social factors on the organizational-impacting decisions of individuals.

Additionally, how institutions manipulate their workforce and their organizational culture to drive an employee’s decision-making and intrinsic motivation.,

Why it is important?

In order to understand the behavioral change process of a member of an organization, we must utilize a multi-methodological approach that focuses on determining causation and long-term behavioral implications so that an organization’s ideal outcomes and goals are accomplished.

Even more importantly, how to provide organizations with an experience that creates a lasting memory that stays with an organization for years to come, that results in something that will re-shape the way that organizations will think about the way they do their work.

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