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Reverse-Engineered transformation strategies acknowledge that tomorrow will not look like today. It involves looking at powerful trends in transformation, deciding what you want your future environment to look like, and then devising & executing a systematic strategy that builds stepping stones, from the future backwards.

Organizational Transformation is at the core of what we do, what we excel at, and what we continually strive to deliver exceptional results at. Mercer & Company is fully committed, to and obsessed with executing meaningful, powerful, & sustainable organizational success transformations that produce sustainable results.


It’s far better to be at the bottom of a ladder that you want to climb as an organization, than at the top of one you don’t

Mercer & Company

The true-sustainability of transformation efforts is dependent on successful implementation across future-time-horizons, not just at the end-date for project completion.

Large organizations traditionally allude to having a “data-driven-present-forward” mentality. In which they extrapolate from today and past successes to predict tomorrow, however, that does almost nothing to predict success in this day in age. It’s a hindrance to growth because it constrains your current model and your strategic choices.


Successful transformation & high-performing organizations share almost identical causal-mechanisms, they exist on the exact same continuum.

The same traits that characterize a high-performing or an organizationally effective organization, are the same mechanisms that characterize organizations that successfully adopt change & transformation.


To successfully venture through the transformation process requires more than “three simple phases,” it requires a calculated transformation management process that is entirely customized based on the organization, a solution that is architected from the ground-up using a scale-able driven design.

We knew this was critical over a decade ago, so we built an evidence-driven transformation management strategy using the science of organizational transformation, enterprise architecture, and human behavioral change economics.

Solution Architecture for Organizational Transformation ® (SAOT)

We built a model of organizational transformation entitled Solution Architecture for Organizational Transformation (SAOT). The model focuses on driving top-down transformation, while developing high-performance capabilities & processes from the bottom-up.

The model uses a 7-stage scale-able driven approach that is systematic in its approach to deliver organizational transformation at scale. Built from the ground-up by focusing on a calculated strategy that devotes a great deal of attention to data- & information gathering, research, advanced statistical methods, and comprehensive strategic planning.

We create, develop, and execute radical & forward-thinking solutions, designed to solve some of the world's most difficult problems.

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