We are changing the way businesses are operating and leading their people because in order for a business to effectively scale in this century, they need to be objectively in tune with the current state of their organization.

We take a rigorous approach to objectivity in all facets. What fuels us is that to be highly successful in this industry it is an equal blend of Science, Art, and The Human Behavioral Sciences. That is why we love what we do.

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We strive to achieve outcomes that transcend traditional management consulting.

We aim to uncover and draw inference from reliable intelligence and actionable insights such that we inform better business decisions.

To do that, though, we take an entirely client-focused and outcomes-based approach. We actively mix solid scientific research techniques with highly innovative—and sometimes experimental—ad hoc applications for each and every customer. 


Triangulation: Strategic, Tactical, And Operational Approaches to Delivering Solutions

We thrive by using an intel-based approach to organizational research and consulting efforts, a rigorous, method-driven, and evidence-based approach to everything that we do. We are also vigilant in not allowing our approaches to become overly mechanical or robotic. Everything is approached with a fresh, unbiased mindset that suits every unique situation that we encounter. For us, it is as much about mindset as skill sets & execution…


By using a coherent model of strategic approaches that are grounded in theory & research from strategy, cognitive science, and adult learning, we have transcended traditional management consulting.

We have found, and the scientific evidence agrees with us, that by focusing on three types of strategic frameworks we achieve unparalleled results: strategic, tactical, and operational.

Strategic Models

Our strategic models use rigorous research intensive approaches to frame the strategic position of an enterprise and give answers to strategic questions.  As a common example, we take intensive approaches to gathering data and insights. This is a systematic methodology used to analyze and implement strategies that are composed of systemic phases that to go from strategy formulation, to execution, and in-depth statistical analysis that is carried out for each step.

Tactical Models

Our tactical models are used to direct enterprise processes, resources, capabilities, and talent & Human Capital towards outcomes. We also address critical “how to” questions when researching and re-engineering organizational processes. Specifically, when aligned with strategy, we critically re-evaluate and radically re-design organizational processes. Such that every process is aligned with intended outcomes.

Operational Models

Operational models (execution) are deployed to make the most effective use of the operational processes and actions, to help improve and transform organizations. All done so to execute the most innovative and transcendent processes within organizations. The overall approach, relatively speaking, is composed of four stages: plan, do, study, and act. It’s a simple and powerful methodology for developing, testing, and implementing alterations to any process that will lead to continuous improvement and long-term organizational learning and capability development. 

We create, develop, and execute radical & forward-thinking solutions, designed to solve some of the world's most difficult problems.

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